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  • Maren Sæther

Eventful week for SEAPRO in Denmark

The week started with an inspiring meeting at our industry partner Arla’s Innovation Center in Aarhus to discuss the future of seaweed. We also got a tour of their pilot production facilities. Thank you very much to Søren Lillevang for having us!

On Tuesday we continued with a meeting and tour at ISI’s facilities, where we were also tasting fermented seaweed samples.

Then later in the week some of the SEAPRO partners attended the Nordic Seaweed Conference in Grenaa. SEAPRO were well represented at NSC with both a poster presentation and an oral presentation of the recent project results. And the over 100 conference participants also got the chance to taste a spread, hummus and pesto, all with fermented seaweed as an ingredient, developed by Aventure! The products were very well received!

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