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SEAPRO Project Overview

Seaweed is a sustainable and healthy raw material from the sea with the potential of taking a central role in human food and health products in Europe. SEAPRO will develop a breakthrough European-made fermentation process for sustainably cultivated seaweed using novel bacterial strains and optimized processing conditions resulting in enhanced health benefits and improved sensorial properties. The project covers the whole value chain from cultivation and fermentation of the raw material to development of food and nutraceutical products with fermented seaweed as an ingredient.

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Funding & Partners

Total cost: 2.46 M EUR

Duration: 2021-2024

Project coordinator: Seaweed Solutions AS 

Project number: E115346 - SEAPRO

SEAPRO is funded through the Eurostars program


Seaweed Solutions AS (NO) Contact: Maren Sæther 

Aventure AB (SE) Contact: Olof Böök

Isi Food Protection Aps (DK) Contact: Anne Elsser-Gravesen

University of Copenhagen (DK) Contact: Lilia Ahrné

University of Lund (SE) Contact: Eva Nordberg Karlsson


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Each partner is receiving funding from the following national funding bodies:

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